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Escape everyday reality on a cruise ship

2013-01-28 03:12:00

Are you tired of your every-day responsibilities? Do you feel like you'd like a break? Do you feel like floating on the ocean for a week or why not more? Do you have something to celebrate? Be it life, change, love, or why not just the fact that you now finally got the chance to just escape completely into the ever-changing weather on a cruise ship?

If so, you might look into Princess Cruises, cruise company that just launched their "Celebrations" campaign. Their own passengers have taken videos during their vacations, talking about their many reasons for taking the cruise. The passengers took videos documenting their trips, talking about their experiences on board the ships and the gorgeous and interesting places they visited. The videos to inspire you can be seen at

If you have been to a cruise lately yourself, don't think twice to submit your story on their website as well. As only then have you the chance to win a free Caribbean cruise aboard Princess's new Royal Princess.

Princess's celebration campaign was started after they had seen the passengers videos and heard about the reasons why they went on a cruise. And what they realised is that there's a lot more to celebrate than just birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. More than that in life can be celebrated, the definition can be expanded a lot, from overcoming cancer to newly adopted child. Or why not just random small things in life that you feel are worth the celebration.

Learn more about it all here -

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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