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You can run, and you can hide

2014-03-17 04:14:22

The spring is almost here, and the spring storms are about to follow. While we might be dreaming of warm, sunny weather, with all the good spring smells related to it, we also need to be prepared of the stuff that never happens in our dreams, but only in nightmares. The storms. Strong winds and hail, terrifying tornados. All of those things can affect you both emotionally and financially a lot.

Even though the beginning of 2014 severe weather season has had a slow start and is likely to continue so, according to a severe weather expert, Dan Kottlowski, the severe weather will most likely spike during May and June. And you need to be prepared for it.

You can run, and you can hide, but ...
While going away to a place with different weather is always an option, you still need to do everything you can to make sure your property at home (or simply, your home) will not suffer any damage because of the severe weather. Or to make sure that the damages would be as small as possible. In 2013, based on a data from State Farm, the damages caused by wind and hail in 2013 cost State Farm's policy holders more than $3 billion with the most claims made from Texas. And that's a lot. So before you run from the storms and hide in a calm beach somewhere, be sure to prepare your property for potential storms and to make sure your damages would be minimal.

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